Diamond coating on Si3N4 by hot filament and microwave plasma assisted CVD


Silicon nitride substrates have been diamond coated by hot-filament (home made) and microwave plasma (commercial) CVD reactors. The importance of Si3N4 as substrate relies on its favoured adhesion to the diamond film, as required in wear applications. Diamond coatings have been characterized by mu-Raman spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy and atomic force microscopy. The diamond film/substrate adhesion has been evaluated by performing Brale indentations at different loads. The diamond films grown by hot filament matched those grown by microwave plasma in terms of morphology and diamond quality, only loosing in uniformity. Spherical substrates have also been used to compare the films coated by both techniques.



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Materials Science


Tallaire, A; Oliveira, FJ; Fernandes, AJS; Costa, FM; Belmonte, M; Silva, RF

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