Preparation and characterization of novel biodegradable composites based on acylated cellulose fibers and poly(ethylene sebacate)


The preparation and characterization of biodegradable composite materials with improved properties based on poly(ethylene sebacate) (PES) and acylated cellulose fibers is reported. These biocomposites showed improved mechanical properties, as evidenced by the increase in both elastic and Young moduli and in the tensile strength, and also showed low water sensitivity and a high biodegradability rate. These novel biocomposites were prepared essentially from renewable resources and therefore constitute an important contribution to the development of the area of sustainable composite materials. (C) 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.



subject category

Materials Science


Fernandes, TF; Trovatti, E; Freire, CSR; Silvestre, AJD; Neto, CP; Gandini, A; Sadocco, P

our authors


Thanks are due to CICECO for financially supporting this work.

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