Local Nanoelectromechanical Properties of Multiferroics Gd-Doped BiFeO3-BaTiO3 Solid Solution


Bi1-x-yGdxBayFe1-yTiyO3 (x = 0.1 and y = 0.1, 0.2, 0.3) solid solutions have been prepared via solid state reaction method with the aim to obtaining magnetoelectric coupling (i.e., linear relation between magnetization and electric field) at room temperature. Optimum calcination and sintering strategies for obtaining pure perovskite phase, high density ceramics and homogeneous microstructures have been determined. The maximum ferroelectric transition temperature (T-c) of this system was 150-170 degrees C with the dielectric constant peak of 2300 at 100 kHz for y = 0.1. Well saturated piezoelectric loops were observed for all composition indicating room temperature ferroelectricity. Hardness and Young's modulus decrease with depth and with increasing concentration y.



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Chemistry; Science & Technology - Other Topics; Materials Science; Physics


Rai, R; Duarte, P; Bdikin, I; Valente, MA; Marques, PA; Gracio, J; Kholkin, AL

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