Mechanical properties and microstructure of Fe40Al/TIC composites with low content of intermetallic


Nearly fully dense Fe40Al/TiC composites with low volume fraction of Fe40Al (12 vol% to 25 vol%) were successfully fabricated by indirect upward pressureless melt infiltration. The processing technique was optimised. Microstructure of the composites was characterised by SEM, XRD and TEM/EDS. The results show that Fe40A1 wets and bonds well to TiC. Bending strength, hardness, fracture toughness and Young modulus of the composites were investigated. Depending on the content of intermetallic, four point bending strength ranging from 950 +/- 80 MPa to 1200 +/- 120 MPa with corresponding Vickers hardness 13.5 GPa and 10.0 GPa were obtained.



subject category

Materials Science


Gao, MX; Oliveira, FJ; Pan, Y; Baptista, JL; Vieira, JM

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