New polyoxotungstates with Ln(III) and Co(II) and their immobilization in silica particles


New lanthanotungstocobaltates with the Keggin structure and general formula KxHy[Ln(CoW11O39)(H2O)(3)]center dot nH(2)O or K(x)H(y)Ln[Ln(CoW11O39)(H2O)(3)]center dot nH(2)O, Ln(III) = Ce, La, Eu, Sm, Tb, were prepared and characterized for the first time. Hybrid silica materials, with the polyoxoanions anchored to spherical silica particles, were also prepared and characterised. Their study by IR spectroscopy and EDS suggested that the structure of the Keggin-type polyanions is maintained when they are immobilized in the silica material.



subject category

Materials Science


Balula, MSS; Nogueira, HIS; Cavaleiro, AMV

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