New benzopyranocarbazoles: synthesis and photochromic behaviour


The synthesis of three new benzopyranocarbazoles (= [indole]naphthopyrans) from hydroxybenzo[a]carbazoles is described. The photochromic properties of these novel compounds were investigated under flash photolysis and continuous irradiation. Compared to known [indole]benzopyrans these new compounds showed a significant bathochromic shift in the spectra of the open forms, an increase in colourabilities and slower ring closure kinetics. The photochromic behaviour of compound 4 has been further investigated. Continuous near-UV irradiation led to the formation of one photoisomer (TC) that was subsequently partially converted, to the other (TT). Thermal reversion of the preirradiated system to the original form was only partial and followed a monoexponential decay involving the back-conversion of the TC-isomer to the uncoloured closed form (CF). The thermally stable TT-isomer could only be photobleached with visible light. This process was shown to proceed through a fast photoconversion TT --> TC followed by the thermal path TC --> CF. Thermal relaxation of the activated system was also studied at various temperatures. (C) 2005 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.






Oliveira, MM; Salvador, MA; Coelho, PJ; Carvalho, LM

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