Sodium potassium niobate (K0.5Na0.5NbO3, KNN) thick films by electrophoretic deposition


K0.5Na0.5NbO3 (KNN) is one of the most promising lead free compositions to substitute lead based piezoelectrics. Due to size and functionality demands, thick films are currently required for specific electroceramics applications. However, what is lacking is the exploitation of low cost, solution-based processes for the fabrication of KNN thick films that are versatile and easy to scale up, such as electrophoretic deposition (EPD). In this article, KNN thick films with thicknesses ranging from 10-60 mu m, prepared by EPD on platinum substrates, are reported. The films are made from acetone with triethanolamine suspension media. When sintered at 1100 degrees C/2 h they possess relative permittivity and dielectric loss of similar to 393 and similar to 0.07, respectively, at room temperature and at 1 MHz. KNN films show piezoelectric response (d(33)) of similar to 40 pC N-1. It is notable that such values are comparable to the properties of equivalent bulk ceramics. The study of the relationships between processing variables and the films' properties shows that, through a simple and yet low cost process such as EPD, thick KNN films can be consistently designed to be suited to the required application. These results suggest that this fabrication method is very promising as a core technology for low-cost and high-performance KNN thick films.






Dolhen, M; Mahajan, A; Pinho, R; Costa, ME; Trolliard, G; Vilarinho, PM

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The authors acknowledge Fundacao para a Ciencia e a Tecnologia (FCT), Fundo Europeu de Desenvolvimento Regional Portugal (FEDER), QREN-COMPETE Portugal, and the Associate Laboratory CICECO (PEst-C/CTM/LA0011/2013) for funding support. Amit Mahajan acknowledges FCT for financial support (SFRH/BD/65415/2009). Morgane Dolhen is thankful to the University of Limoges for financial support within ERASMUS MUNDUS. Many thanks to Dr R. C. Pullar for helping with the English language corrections.

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