Complex modulation of the crystal structure of a layered perovskite. A promising solid-oxide-fuelcell cathode


Layered-type perovskites have been the focus of research in the last few years due to their outstanding properties as solid oxide fuel cell oxygen electrodes. The synthesis of a new (GdBa)(0.8)Ca0.4Co0.6Fe1.4O6-delta layered perovskite as a single phase as well as the crystal structure determination and catalytic activity for oxygen reduction is reported. Highly advanced methods of transmission electron microscopy have been used for structure determination at atomic resolution. The oxide shows a complex modulation of the crystal structure associated with layered-type ordering of the Gd, Ba and Ca atoms in combination with formation of different coordination polyhedra of the Fe and Co atoms. Location of the anion vacancies within particular highly ion-conducting layers of the crystal structure has been achieved by phase image reconstruction. This material exhibits excellent electrochemical behaviour and thermal stability for use as an air electrode in IT-SOFCs.




Chemistry; Energy & Fuels; Materials Science


de Irujo-Labalde, XM; Munoz-Gil, D; Urones-Garrote, E; Avila-Brandea, D; Garcia-Martin, S

nossos autores


This work has been supported by MINECO with Projects MAT2013-46452-C4-4-R, PIB2010JP-00181 and CM with project MATERYENER3CM-S2013/MIT-2753. We thank the ICTS Centro Nacional de Microscopia Electronica of U.C.M. for technical assistance.

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