Biotechnology for Preventive Conservation: Development of Bionanomaterials for Antimicrobial Coating of Outdoor Sculptures


Outdoor sculptures are part of the sociocultural identity of cities, but are extremely vulnerable to deterioration due to exposure to harsh environmental conditions and climate change. Furthermore, deterioration by micro-organisms renders urgent the need to design protective coatings. This research proposes an integrated methodology for the development of innovative and sustainable nanofilms for applications in the area of art conservation, very specifically in the preventive conservation of outdoor sculptures. Gathering objective data for the characterization of the surface microbiota is important in order to design strategies that make use of bio or nanotechnology innovative coatings. Methodologies for the characterization of the microbiota present in a granite outdoor sculpture, followed by preliminary results on the application of protective antimicrobial coatings for surfaces of cultural objects are described.




Archaeology; Art; Chemistry; Spectroscopy


Silva, N; Pullar, RC; Pintado, ME; Vieira, E; Moreira, PR

nossos autores


This research was supported by national funding from FCT-Fundacao para a Ciencia e a Tecnologia, I.P. for project BIONA-NOSCULP - Desenvolvimento de BIONANOmateriais para revestimento anti-microbiano de eSCULturas exteriores metalicas e de Pedra (PTDC/EPH-PAT/6281/2014). We would also like to thank the scientific collaboration under the FCT project UID/Multi/50016/2013.

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