Extraction of chlorophyll from wild and farmed Ulva spp. using aqueous solutions of ionic liquids
authors Martins, M; Fernandes, APM; Torres-Acosta, MA; Collen, PN; Abreu, MH; Ventura, SPM
nationality International
author keywords Green macroalgae; Ulva; Geographic location; Seaweed; Bioeconomy; Blue biotechnology; Chlorophyll; Surfactants; Tensioactive ionic liquids; Economic analysis
abstract Products extracted from natural resources are an increasing trend in several fields promoted by consumer demand. Allied to the importance attached to the concept of natural product should be the way the natural product is obtained. In this work, chlorophyll was extracted from batches of wild-harvested and farm-raised green macroalgae Ulva spp. from two different European locations, Portugal and France. The performance of different aqueous solutions of tensioactive compounds such as ionic liquids and common surfactants in the yield of extraction of chlorophyll was studied and the operational conditions of extraction were optimized. The effect of drying the biomass on the yield of extraction of chlorophyll was evaluated as well as the effect of both locations (and the specific conditions of each location in terms of nutrients, water temperature and light intensity) in chlorophyll production. After optimization of all operational conditions, a maximum yield of extraction of 5.96 mg(chl).(gdry) (-1)(algae) was obtained using 250 mM of tributyltetradecylphosphonium chloride ([P4,4,4,14]Cl). The use of this solvent has allowed the development of a cost-effective (conclusion obtained after the economic analysis) and efficient process capable of maintaining the stability of the final product for more than one month.
publisher ELSEVIER
issn 1383-5866
isbn 1873-3794
year published 2021
volume 254
digital object identifier (doi) 10.1016/j.seppur.2020.117589
web of science category 7
subject category Engineering, Chemical
unique article identifier WOS:000580404400047
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