Fiber Bragg Grating Array for Shape Reconstruction in Structural Elements


This paper presents the development, analysis and application of a fiber Bragg grating (FBG) array for two-dimensional (2D) shape reconstruction in a cantilever beam. The structural elements made of Pinus wood and Nylon 6.0 were numerically analyzed using the finite element method for the strain distribution when constant loading is applied at the free end of the beam. In addition, the temperature compensation method is proposed to decouple the temperature cross-sensitivity in the deflection analysis. In this case, the temperature sensitivities of all sensing elements of the 5-FBG array were obtained. An additional FBG was encapsulated in a silicone mold for increased sensitivity and positioned in the clamping point in which deflection was negligible. Temperature compensation was achieved considering the temperature measured by the silicone-embedded FBG (sensitivity of 27.78 pm/°C) and the sensitivity of all five FBGs of the deflection-sensing array (9.14 pm/°C ± 0.33 pm/°C). In the deflection experiments, the sensors presented a high linearity, in which a determination coefficient (R2) higher than 0.995 was obtained in all of the analyzed cases. Furthermore, the 2D shape construction using the proposed sensor approach resulted in the elastic line estimation for all analyzed beams, where the experimental results were in agreement with the theoretical and numerical analysis with a R2 higher than 0.99 in all of the analyzed cases. Therefore, the proposed sensor array is a feasible approach for real-time shape reconstruction of structural elements with the advantages related to the possibility of direct embedment in the measured structure. © 2022 by the authors.


Souza E.A.; Macedo L.C.; Frizera A.; Marques C.; Leal-Junior A.

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