Influence of UV Radiation on Mechanical Properties of Polymer Optical Fibers


This paper presents an analysis of the mechanical properties of different polymer optical fibers (POFs) at ultraviolet (UV) radiation conditions. Cyclic transparent optical polymer (CYTOP) and polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) optical fibers are used in these analyses. In this case, the fiber samples are irradiated at the same wavelength, pulse time and energy conditions for different times, namely, 10 s, 1 min, 2 min and 3 min. The samples are tested in tensile tests and dynamic mechanical thermal analysis (DMTA) to infer the variation in the static and dynamic properties of such fibers as a function of the UV radiation condition. Furthermore, reference samples of each fiber (without UV radiation) are tested for comparison purposes. The results show a lower UV resistance of PMMA fibers, i.e., higher variation in the material features in static conditions (Young’s modulus variation of 0.65 GPa). In addition, CYTOP fiber (material known for its high UV resistance related to its optical properties) also presented Young’s modulus variation of around 0.38 GPa. The reason for this reduction in the moduli is related to possible localized annealing due to thermal effects when the fibers are subjected to UV radiation. The dynamic results also indicated a higher variation in the PMMA fibers storage modulus, which is around 30% higher than the variations in the CYTOP fibers when different radiation conditions are analyzed. However, CYTOP fibers show a smaller operational temperature range and higher variation in the storage modulus as a function of the temperature when compared with PMMA fibers. In contrast, PMMA fibers show higher variations in their material properties when subjected to oscillatory loads at different frequency conditions. Thus, the results obtained in this work can be used as guidelines for the influence of UV radiation in POFs not only for the material choice, but also on the limitations of UV radiation in the fabrication of the grating as well as in sensor applications at UV radiation conditions. © 2022 by the authors.


Leal-Junior A.; Pires-Junior R.; Frizera A.; Marques C.A.F.

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