Static and Dynamic Multiparameter Assessment of Structural Elements Using Chirped Fiber Bragg Gratings


This paper presents the development, analysis, and application of chirped fiber Bragg gratings (CFBGs) for dynamic and static measurements of beams of different materials in the single-cantilever configuration. In this case, the beams were numerically analyzed using the finite-element method (FEM) for the assessment of the natural frequencies and vibration modes of the beam for the dynamic analysis of the structural element. Furthermore, the static numerical analysis was performed using a load at the free end of the beam, where the maximum strain and its distribution along the beam were analyzed, especially in the region at which the FBG was positioned. The experimental evaluation of the proposed CFBG sensor was performed in static conditions for forces from 0 to 50 N (in 10 N steps) applied at the free end of the beam, whereas the dynamic evaluation was performed by means of positioning an unbalanced motor at the end of the beam, which was excited at 16 Hz, 65 Hz, 100 Hz, and 131 Hz. The results showed the feasibility of the proposed device for the simultaneous assessment of the force and strain distribution along the CFBG region using the wavelength shift and the full-width at half-maximum (FWHM), respectively. In these cases, the determination coefficients of the spectral features as a function of the force and strain distribution were higher than 0.99 in all analyzed cases, where a potential resolution of 0.25 N was obtained on the force assessment. In the dynamic tests, the frequency spectrum of the sensor responses indicated a frequency peak at the excited frequency in all analyzed cases. Therefore, the proposed sensor device is a suitable option to extend the performance of sensors for structural health assessment, since it is possible to simultaneously measure different parameters in dynamic and static conditions using only one sensor device, which, due to its multiplexing capabilities, can be integrated with additional optical fiber sensors for the complete shape reconstruction with millimeter-range spatial resolution. © 2023 by the authors.


Macedo L.; Souza E.A.; Frizera A.; Pontes M.J.; Marques C.; Leal-Junior A.

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