Effect of maturation time on the fresh and hardened properties of an air lime mortar


The restoration and maintenance of old renders is one of the key aspects of correct rehabilitation practice. The ideal course of action is to replace the damaged material by a material with compatible characteristics. This work aims to analyze the effect of the maturation process on hardened state characteristics of hydrated powder lime mortars. The theological characterization shows an air lime mortar thickening behaviour with the length of the test. The different mixes were subjected to a maturation process consisting on keeping them in the fresh state, covered with water, isolated from CO(2), during seven days. The specimens and applications were prepared both with the non-matured and the matured mortars. Maturation seems to influence the hardened state characteristics causing a decrease in the capillary values, and an increase on the mechanical strength, which are more evident for mortars with higher binder contents. (C) 2009 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.




Construction & Building Technology; Materials Science


Paiva, H; Velosa, A; Veiga, R; Ferreira, VM

nossos autores


The authors wish to acknowledge FCT (Foundation for Science and Technology) for funding this study through the project POCI/HEC/57890/2004 (Study of compatible mortars for the preservation of the built heritage).

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