Mine Drainage and Related Problems
authors Abreu MM, Batista MJ, Magalhães MCF, Matos JX
editors Brock C. Robinson
chapter title Acid Mine Drainage in the Portuguese Iberian Pyrite Belt
nationality International
abstract Acid mine drainage refers to the outflow of acidic water from (usually abandoned) metal mines or coal mines. However, other areas where the earth has been disturbed (e.g. construction sites, subdivisions, transportation corridors, etc.) may also contribute acid rock drainage to the environment. This book discusses the effectiveness and sustainability of active and passive systems for the treatment of acid mine drainage; acid mine drainage in the Portuguese Iberian pyrite belt; the geochemistry of acid mine drainage and it's environmental pollution problem; the status of acid mine drainage and metal leaching in Ghana; the disposal and beneficial use of acid mine drainage sludge and a host of other related topics.
publisher Nova Science Publishers
isbn 978-1-60741-285-4
year published 2011
beginning page 71
ending page 118

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