Immobilization of Ionic Liquids, Types of Materials, and Applications


Supported liquid phase materials obtained by coating a solid support material with a thin liquid film have been investigated for catalytic applications for a long time. However, a common problem in these systems arises from the evaporation of the loaded liquid, particularly exacerbated when the liquid phase is water – supported aqueous phase systems. A way to overcome this shortcoming is by using liquids that do not evaporate at atmospheric conditions, as is the case of supported ionic liquids (SILs) that are obtained by immobilizing ionic liquids (ILs) in a suitable support material [ 1, 2]. Figure 1 depicts a schematic representation of SIL-based biocatalysis.


Augusto Q. Pedro, João A. P. Coutinho, Mara G. Freire

our authors


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