Thermodynamics - Systems in Equilibrium and Non-Equilibrium
authors Amaral J S , Das S ,Amaral V S
editors Juan Carlos Moreno-Piraján
chapter title The Mean-Field Theory in the Study of Ferromagnets and the Magnetocaloric Effect
edition Chapter 8
nationality International
abstract Thermodynamics is one of the most exciting branches of physical chemistry which has greatly contributed to the modern science. Being concentrated on a wide range of applications of thermodynamics, this book gathers a series of contributions by the finest scientists in the world, gathered in an orderly manner. It can be used in post-graduate courses for students and as a reference book, as it is written in a language pleasing to the reader. It can also serve as a reference material for researchers to whom the thermodynamics is one of the area of interest.
publisher InTech
isbn 978-953-307-283-8
year published 2011
book digital object identifier (doi) 10.5772/21595

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