Organometallic Compounds: Preparation, Structure and Properties
authors Paz F A A, Braga SS
editors H. F. Chin, Hauppauge
chapter title Shaping Cytotoxicity of Organometallics and Complex Antitumorals via Molecular Encapsulation
nationality International
abstract This chapter deals with the effects of molecular encapsulation on the improvement of solubility and cytotoxic action of organometallic and metal coordination complexes. Described results will focus on our group’s research on the effects of nanoencapsulation with cyclodextrins, complemented with relevant work from the literature.Most of the encapsulated guests herein presented are known antitumorals. Considering the broader range of action of metal cytotoxic compounds, the advantages of encapsulation of some biocidal compounds will also be presented.The chapter is divided into three subsections according to the kind of molecular capsules typically employed. Section one will deal with the use of cyclodextrins, sugar rings that help camouflaging the metal guests thus rendering them more soluble, selective, biocompatible and less toxic. The following two sections summarize relevant literature results on the encapsulation of metal antitumorals with calixarenes and cucurbiturils. Finally, a small section presents the most recent results on custom-designed molecular capsules to obtain specificity towards neoplasic cell targets.
publisher Nova Science Publishers
isbn 978-1-60741-917-4
year published 2010
beginning page 465
ending page 481