Patrícia dos Santos Neves

Investigador Auxiliar

Short CV

Patrícia Neves graduated in Chemical Engineering in 2006 at the University of Aveiro. In the same year she started a 1-year research grant at Associate Laboratory CICECO, in the Chemistry Department of the same University.

Afterwards, in 2011 she obtained her PhD degree (Chemical Engineering) under the supervision of Doctor Anabela Valente and Doctor Carlos Manuel Santos Silva, at University of Aveiro. Currently, Patrícia is a post-doctoral researcher at the Associate Laboratory CICECO, at Chemistry Department.

Teaching activity

Elementos de Química Física- Pratical classes

Supervisões em Curso



One-pot conversion of furfural to useful bio-products in the presence of a Sn,Al-containing zeolite beta catalyst prepared via post-synthesis routes

Antunes, MM; Lima, S; Neves, P; Magalhaes, AL; Fazio, E; Fernandes, A; Neri, F; Silva, CM; Rocha, SM; Eiro, MFR; Pillinger, M; Urakawa, A; Valente, AA
2015, JOURNAL OF CATALYSIS, 329, 522-537.

Synthesis and Structural Elucidation of Triazolylmolybdenum(VI) Oxide Hybrids and Their Behavior as Oxidation Catalysts

Lysenko, AB; Senchyk, GA; Domasevitch, KV; Hauser, J; Fuhrmann, D; Kobalz, M; Krautscheid, H; Neves, P; Valente, AA; Goncalves, IS
2015, INORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 54, 17, 8327-8338.

Incorporation of a dioxomolybdenum(VI) complex in a Zr-IV-based Metal-Organic Framework and its application in catalytic olefin epoxidation

Neves, P; Gomes, AC; Amarante, TR; Paz, FAA; Pillinger, M; Goncalves, IS; Valente, AA

Solid acids with SO3H groups and tunable surface properties: versatile catalysts for biomass conversion

Russo, PA; Antunes, MM; Neves, P; Wiper, PV; Fazio, E; Neri, F; Barreca, F; Mafra, L; Pillinger, M; Pinna, N; Valente, AA
2014, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A, 2, 30, 11813-11824.

Mesoporous carbon-silica solid acid catalysts for producing useful bio-products within the sugar-platform of biorefineries

Russo, PA; Antunes, MM; Neves, P; Wiper, PV; Fazio, E; Neri, F; Barreca, F; Mafra, L; Pillinger, M; Pinna, N; Valente, AA
2014, GREEN CHEMISTRY, 16, 9, 4292-4305.

Mesoporous zirconia-based mixed oxides as versatile acid catalysts for producing bio-additives from furfuryl alcohol and glycerol

Neves, P; Russo, PA; Fernandes, A; Antunes, MM; Farinha, J; Pillinger, M; Ribeiro, MF; Castanheiro, JE; Valente, AA
2014, APPLIED CATALYSIS A-GENERAL, 487, 148-157.

Synthesis, Structural Elucidation, and Catalytic Properties in Olefin Epoxidation of the Polymeric Hybrid Material [Mo3O9(2-[3(5)-Pyrazolyl]pyridine)](n)

Amarante, TR; Neves, P; Gomes, AC; Nolasco, MM; Ribeiro-Claro, P; Coelho, AC; Valente, AA; Paz, FAA; Smeets, S; McCusker, LB; Pillinger, M; Goncalves, IS
2014, INORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 53, 5, 2652-2665.

Investigation of a dichlorodioxomolybdenum(VI)-pyrazolylpyridine complex and a hybrid derivative as catalysts in olefin epoxidation

Amarante, TR; Neves, P; Paz, FAA; Valente, AA; Pillinger, M; Goncalves, IS
2014, DALTON TRANSACTIONS, 43, 16, 6059-6069.

Triazolyl-Based Copper-Molybdate Hybrids: From Composition Space Diagram to Magnetism and Catalytic Performance

Senchyk, GA; Lysenko, AB; Babaryk, AA; Rusanov, EB; Krautscheid, H; Neves, P; Valente, AA; Goncalves, IS; Kramer, KW; Liu, SX; Decurtins, S; Domasevitch, KV
2014, INORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 53, 19, 10112-10121.

A dinuclear oxo-bridged molybdenum(VI) complex containing a bidentate pyrazolylpyridine ligand: Structure, characterization and catalytic performance for olefin epoxidation

Amarante, TR; Gomes, AC; Neves, P; Paz, FAA; Valente, AA; Pillinger, M; Goncalves, IS

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