4 January 2022

New funding for CICECO young researchers

New funding for CICECO young researchers

Given the very low success rate of FCT projects, CICECO’s directing board has decided to support some of the best projects not funded on the last FCT call with a €20 000 grant.

CICECO’s directing board is interested in supporting young CICECO researchers with a CEEC or a non-permanent contract.


This year’s selected projects were:

Human derived bioactive membranes for the treatment of osteoporosis related fractures

PI Ana Sofia Matias da Silva


Alternative molten SALts for VAnishing Technological drawbacks in multi-IONic gas separation membranes

PI Maksim Starykevich


POWER - POlyesters depolymerisation reactions catalysed by eutectic solvents for WastE Recycling into novel high-performance (bio)degradable polymers

PI Andreia Fernandes de Sousa


Switchable solvents for selective fractionation and valorization of industrial bio-based streams

PI André M da Costa Lopes


Wearable textile patches for optical biosensing in healthcare applications

PI Sara Fateixa

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