14 March 2023

CICECO Researchers in the 2023 edition of the book 'Mulheres na Ciência'

CICECO Researchers in the 2023 edition of the book 'Mulheres na Ciência'

Six researchers from the University of Aveiro (UAveiro), four from CICECO, are among those honored by Ciência Viva, in the fourth edition of the book "Mulheres na Ciência". The launch of the publication, which brings together a hundred portraits of scientists from different entities and areas of knowledge - captured through the lenses of photographers Alípio Padilha, Ana Brígida, Diana Tinoco and Rodrigo Cabrita - will take place on the 8th, International Women's Day, at 11am, at Pavilhão do Conhecimento, Lisbon.

Ana Hilário from the Department of Biology, Ana Maria Segadães from the Department of Materials and Ceramic Engineering, Maria Rute Ferreira André, Paula Ferreira, Paula Maria Vilarinho from CICECO - Associate Laboratory of UAveiro, and Sandra Carvalho from the Department of Education and Psychology. These are the six women researchers from the University of Aveiro honored in the fourth edition of the book "Mulheres na Ciência“ by Ciência Viva. 

After the launches in 2016, 2019 and 2021, from Biology to Mathematics, from Chemistry to Social Sciences, from Physics to Archaeology, from Neurosciences to Geography, from Engineering to History, from Space Sciences to Philosophy, Ciência Viva continues to pay tribute to Portuguese women scientists, who represent more than 50% of all national researchers and whose role has been fundamental to the progress that science and technology have made in recent decades.

The new volume "Mulheres na Ciência" is being presented to the public on March 8th, International Women's Day, at 11am, at Pavilhão do Conhecimento, in Lisbon.

After the opening speeches by Rosalia Vargas, President of Ciência Viva, and José Luís Cardoso, President of the Lisbon Academy of Sciences, two debate panels will follow, with the participation of women who have chosen science as a profession and students who have this aspiration. Isabel Ferreira, researcher and current Secretary of State for Regional Development, will be in conversation with Catarina Alves de Oliveira (ESA - European Space Agency), Verónica Policarpo (Institute of Social Sciences, University of Lisbon), Carina Soares-Cunha (Life and Health Sciences Research Institute, University of Minho) and Lucinda Fonseca (Geographic Institute and Spatial Planning, Center for Geographical Studies, University of Lisbon).

"Thank you for inspiring us!" will be the panel moderated by Madalena Alves, President of the Foundation for Science and Technology, and featuring Maria Madrugo, a student in the Master's in Applied Mathematics and Computing at Instituto Superior Técnico, and Constança Quaresma, a high school science student at Colégio Guadalupe, Seixal.

Minister Elvira Fortunato will be present at the ceremony and joins the initiative in her double capacity as "Mulher na Ciência" and responsible for Science, Technology, and Higher Education.

All editions of the editorial project "Mulher na Ciência" are supported by AMONET - Portuguese Association of Women Scientists.

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