4 October 2023

A. Sousa e C. Vilela are editors for ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering

A. Sousa e C. Vilela are editors for ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering

The researchers from CICECO, Andreia Sousa and Carla Vilela, are the newest members of the exclusive "Early Career Board" of the scientific journal ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, published by the American Chemical Society. The researchers from CICECO - Aveiro Institute of Materials, are the only national researchers to be part of this group.

This prestigious journal by the American Chemical Society ( publishes key works addressing sustainability challenges in the chemical industry and the advanced principles of Green Chemistry and Green Engineering. The two researchers, who are emerging leaders in the field of sustainable chemistry and engineering, and whose experience and vision align with the editorial team, were selected from hundreds of applications from various countries.

Andreia F. Sousa, a renowned researcher in the area of sustainable polymers (renewable, biodegradable, recyclable), is "pleased and honored to join the Early Career Board team of ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering" and to actively contribute to the affirmation and growth of the high quality of the journal.

Carla Vilela, an active researcher in the field of cellulose and renewable materials, emphasizes the "great satisfaction and privilege of being part of and working in an interdisciplinary, diverse, and comprehensive team of the ECB of the scientific journal ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering."

Together, they point out that they will be "focused on creating contributions that promote sustainable and greener chemistry worldwide, bearing the UA and CICECO labels." It's worth noting that Sónia Ventura was a member of the "Early Career Board" of that journal, too.

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