29 November 2023

Ricardo Pinto is editor of Nano Materials Science

Ricardo Pinto is editor of Nano Materials Science

Ricardo Pinto, CICECO researcher, received the nomination for 1st editorial board member of the scientific journal Nano Materials Science last Monday, November 27th. With this, he becomes becoming the only Portuguese member of the editorial board of this journal.

Ricardo Pinto sees this nomination as an excellent opportunity to promote and showcase the work conducted at CICECO. Additionally, he aims to open doors for other excellent researchers working at the Institute of Materials of Aveiro and other research centers affiliated with the University of Aveiro, particularly in the field of nanomaterials. The point of contact with the journal is now established.

Nano Materials Science (NMS) is an international and interdisciplinary journal covering the field of nanoscale materials and devices. It publishes innovative works that encompass fundamental research on phenomena, mechanisms, and properties of materials at the nanoscale. The journal is part of the well-known Elsevier publisher, and its significance is evident in its high impact factor (9.9).

In early May (10/05/2023), Ricardo Pinto noticed the competition launched by the journal for the recruitment of the "1st Youth Editorial Board Member." It was the first time a position for a young editor had been opened. The researcher prepared his application, which involved filling out an application form, submitting his CV, and presenting suggestions for the journal's promotion and expansion. The competition involved the analysis of hundreds of international applications, and after careful consideration, Ricardo Pinto received the nomination on August 7th. He officially received the nomination last Monday, November 27th, becoming the only Portuguese member of the journal's editorial board.

The journal's choice internationally recognizes the work of the CICECO researcher in the field of nanomaterials. Ricardo Pinto expresses his satisfaction, stating, "I'm very pleased with this choice, and I believe that this nomination, along with all the work I have been doing, will establish me as one of the national experts in the field of nanomaterials. This is crucial for my broader vision, as in the future, I want to create my own research team and hope that it helps me achieve some contractual stability—essential points in the career of any researcher, often very difficult to attain in our country."

The objectives guiding Ricardo Pinto as the "1st Editorial Board" member are straightforward, covering aspects such as expanding the journal's competencies, assisting in its promotion, and contributing to the presentation of new ideas related to publication topics.

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