29 November 2023

E-book "Celebrating 20 Years of CICECO " is now published


Frontiers publishes an interdisciplinary article collection, ignited and supported by the 20th Anniversary of CICECO – Aveiro Institute of Materials, about the mission of developing the scientific and technological knowledge necessary for the innovative production and transformation of ceramics and organic-inorganic hybrids and materials for sustainable development.

This Research Topic will highlight the latest advances in materials research, with a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary research (in both fundamental and applied areas) for a more sustainable future. Material science and engineering have demonstrated the potential to bring significant progress and even revolutionize a large range of domains, including nanotechnology, photonics, biomedicine, sustainability, and circular economy. 

The goal of this Research Topic is to discuss emerging trends in the research in material sciences that relate to the progress toward a greener and more sustainable industry through the publication of articles of original research, reviews, mini-reviews, and perspectives manuscripts. Those works will address topics from ceramics and inorganic materials to soft matter, including biopolymers and organic-inorganic hybrids, and the current challenges in computational materials science. Additionally, strong advances in experiments and theory will be spotlighted together with recent advances in optical materials for sensing.

Download can be done here.

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