23 February 2024

Rute Ferreira wins 3rd place in Portugal's biggest science award

Rute Ferreira wins 3rd place in Portugal's biggest science award

"The QuantSecure aims to solve the problem of limited security in authentication procedures for devices, goods, or people," explains Rute Ferreira. "We propose the integration of high-performance security elements with innovative solutions based on the quantum properties of light, thus ensuring the absolute integrity of the authentication process," the researcher adds.

In addition to Rute Ferreira, the QuantSecure team consists of Paulo André (Instituto Superior Técnico), Emmanuel Cruzeiro (Instituto de Telecomunicações), and Paulo Mateus (Instituto Superior Técnico).

With a degree in Physics Engineering and a Ph.D. in Physics, Rute Ferreira is a professor in the Department of Physics at UA and a researcher at CICECO, one of the 20 research units of the Academy. Her scientific interests focus on the study of luminescence and optoelectronic properties of materials for applications in photonics, photovoltaic conversion, and mobile optical sensors.

In recent years, within the scope of the Internet of Things, Rute Ferreira has been dedicated to the development of smart tags for tracking and authentication via mobile phones. She mentors the idea of using luminescent materials for generating optical patterns for authentication, contributing her expertise to the development and processing of photonics materials necessary for the project's realization.

The IN3+ Award is the largest prize for support and promotion of research and innovation in Portugal. Already in its 4th edition, it is established as a platform for research, development, and knowledge promoted by INCM – Imprensa Nacional Casa da Moeda. The award has partnerships with the National Innovation Agency (ANI) and aims to support the creation of new ideas, both national and international, within the INCM Innovation Network, an extended network of partners that bridges the gap between the business reality and academic knowledge.

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