8 March 2024

CICECO pays homage to community in International Women's Day

CICECO pays homage to community in International Women's Day

Within International Women's Day, CICECO pays homage to all Women who have contributed, are contributing, and will contribute to the development of Science. This initiative aims to reveal relevant careers in CICECO and it is a result of the institute and photographer Hugo Ribeiro.

Paula Vilarinho, vice director of CICECO, underlines:

The role of Women in science has evolved significantly over time, yet challenges persist in achieving gender equality and representation in various scientific fields. Increasing the visibility of Women scientists and celebrating their contribution is essential for inspiring future generations and challenging stereotypes. 

Gender equality isn't just a Women's issue; it's a human rights one. Their voices, talents, and leadership are indispensable for building a more inclusive, and equitable world. The pages that follow intend to be a multifaceted tapestry of CICECO Women.

Through captivating photographs we embark on a visual journey through the lives of some CICECO Women. Behind each image is a testament to the unique experiences, aspirations, and dreams that define CICECO Women's … It is a testament to the resilience, ingenuity, and adaptability of Women who continue to shape our world in different ways – as professors, researchers, students and agents of change.

As we turn the pages of this book, let us reaffirm our commitment to advancing gender equality, promoting Women's rights, and creating a world where every Woman can thrive and flourish.

Let us honor the legacy of CICECO Women who have shaped our past, empower CICECO Women who shape our present, and inspire CICECO women who will influence our future.

See the album here.



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