15 April 2024

Team integrated by Andrei Salak captures support under NEPHEWS

Team integrated by Andrei Salak captures support under NEPHEWS

Andrei Salak, from CICECO, is one of the seven portuguese researchers who was prepared the Expression of Interest in European large-scale facilities and evaluated to be among the 7 highest rated submitted by EU countries. The neutron and photon user communities in Portugal will receive a 3-year support in initiatives under NEPHEWS: the communities building, access to large-scale facilities, training and twinning opportunities.

The NEPHEWS project  is one of the largest transnational access projects under Horizon Europe. Although all research infrastructures are made available to users regardless of their locations on an equal basis, the project includes a special set of dissemination and training activities that will be implemented in the area of 7 selected countries. The goal is to increase the interest of researchers in the targeted areas in the use of state-of-the-art research infrastructures in their scientific activities.

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