28 May 2024

Mirtha Lourenço Awarded 2024 Ramôa Ribeiro Young Investigator Prize

Mirtha Lourenço Awarded 2024 Ramôa Ribeiro Young Investigator Prize

The Division of Catalysis and Porous Materials (DCMP) of the Portuguese Society of Chemistry (SPQ) has announced that the prestigious Ramôa Ribeiro Young Investigator Prize for 2024 has been awarded to Mirtha Lourenço from the University of Aveiro.

The Ramôa Ribeiro Young Investigator Prize was established by the DCMP to honor a young researcher who has made significant contributions to the advancement of catalysis and porous materials through their scientific work. The award is presented during the annual DCMP meeting, recognizing outstanding achievements in these crucial areas of chemical research.

The selection jury, consisting of the president of DCMP, Professor Filipa Ribeiro, and Professor Mário Simões, unanimously decided to grant the 2024 award to Mirtha Lourenço. Lourenço's innovative research and impactful contributions have set a new standard in the field, reflecting the high caliber of work the prize aims to recognize.

Lourenço's work at the University of Aveiro has been instrumental in pushing the boundaries of catalysis and porous materials, fostering new insights and technological advancements. Her dedication and scientific prowess have not only advanced her field but also inspired fellow researchers and students.

The award ceremony will take place during the DCMP's annual meeting, where Lourenço will be honored for her remarkable achievements. This recognition highlights the importance of young researchers in driving scientific progress and the ongoing commitment of the SPQ to support and celebrate excellence in chemistry.

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