Research on immiscible ionic liquids laureated
Catarina Seiça Neves won the best poster award at the 8th Green Solvents Conference in Kiel, Germany.

With the poster entitled "Binary systems composed of two immiscible ionic liquids" the CICECO and Department of Chemistry (University of Aveiro) researcher showed the existence of ionic liquids immiscible with each other, a finding that could be used in separation and purification processes in a wide range of products.

Besides Catarina Seiça Neves, a team of researchers from the CICECO/DQ who held the winning work consists of João Coutinho, Mara Freire and Artur Silva, the last from the research unit Organic Chemistry, Natural Products and Food Stuffs/DQ.

The investigation deals with the ionic liquid, salts which are often liquid at room temperature. "Given its ionic nature, these solvents are non-volatile under atmospheric conditions and, therefore, have aroused a high interest in the scientific community and industry as promising alternatives volatile organic solvents currently used in various processes," explains Catarina Neves. However, points the researcher, "ionic liquids tend to be miscible, which affects its application in the Liquid–liquid extraction and purification techniques due to the need of a second solvent that tends to be volatile."

This study proved the existence of ionic liquids immiscible with each other, and therefore totally non-volatile combinations that can be used in separation/purification processes of various products. "It was determined the phase diagrams for six pairs of ionic liquids and demonstrated how to preform the application in separation processes", reveals Catarina Neves.

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