Andrei Kholkin coordinates new international PhD
Nanoeletromechanics international doctoral school, a research and education project entitled: "Nanomotion, Nanoelectromechanical Motion in Functional Materials"
Prize from Portuguese Society of Electrochemistry
The Portuguese Society of Electrochemistry (SPE) attributed to Aleksey Yaremchenko the Young Investigator in Electrochemistry of 2012 Award.
CICECO creates smart coatings to protect aircrafts
"The functionality of self-repairing aircraft is introduced in through our nano-containers that are embedded in inks used in the coating of the devices"
«A Química das Coisas»: second season
The cosmetics, chocolate, bread, stained glass or fireworks are products that result from spectacular demonstrations of chemistry in everyday life for all of us.
Article featured on the cover of the journal Tetrahedron
A work of researchers from the Centre for Research in Ceramics and Composite Materials (CICECO) deserved the highlight in the cover of Tetrahedron.