José Alberto Pires Fernandes
  Bolseiro de pós-Doutoramento  
  extensão: 24966  
  departamento: Química  
Short CV

José Fernandes graduated in Chemical Engineering by the Instituto Superior Técnico of Lisbon in 1998 and completed a PhD degree in Chemistry by the University of Aveiro in 2006. Recently, earned a Master degree in Crystallography and Crystallization by the University Menéndez Pelayo of Santander. José Fernandes has published 65 articles in international peer reviews journals (11 during the PhD) and with over 600 citations (h-index=13).  25 of the articles were published in peer review journals with impact factor lower than 1 (Acta Crystallographica E) but the remaining ones contribute to an accumulated impact factor higher than 100. The 5 most cited articles were published in Chemistry of Materials, Journal of Luminescence, Catalysis Today, Journal of Materials Chemistry and Dalton Transactions. Recently, was co-author of articles published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, Chemical communications and CrystEngComm.

During his research career he became skilled in organometallic chemistry through Schlenk techniques, lanthanide chemistry, supramolecular chemistry and synthesis and characterisation of metal-organic frameworks. He has strong knowledge on liquid NMR, FT-IR and FT-Raman spectroscopies, theoretical calculations and recently has become expert on single crystal and powder X-ray diffraction.

Since March 2014 he is the Principal Investigator of the project Metalloligands and Coordinatively Unsaturated Metal Centres for the Design of Novel Metal-Organic Frameworks”. Ref. EXPL/QEQ-QIN/0199/2013. Budget 31.589,00€