MULTIFERRO-SOL-GEL - Multiferroic nanostructures: a non-aqueous sol-gel approach


Ferroelectric ferro/ferri-magnetic multiferroic materials are interesting materials not only because they have the properties of their parent materials, but especially because interaction between those polarizations can take place (e.g. magnetoelectric effect). Up to now, those materials are synthesized only by ultra high vacuum (UHV) deposition techniques (i.e. pulsed laser deposition PLD)

In this work we are going to use non-aqueous sol-gel approaches to synthesize multiferroic materials by following parallel concepts:
- Synthesis of core-shell particles by the benzyl alcohol route.
- Synthesis of thin film heterostructures by new atomic layer deposition (ALD) assisted by non-aqueous sol-gel reactions.
- Combining the benzyl alcohol route (formation of ferrimagnetic particles) and the ALD (coating of the particle with ferro/piezo-electric material) deposition in order to produce multiferroelectric heterostructures.

Once synthesized, these materials will be characterized and the ferroelectric, ferromagnetic properties and the magnetoelectric effect intensively studied.


Nicola Pinna


Universidade de Aveiro (UA)




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