NANOMAR - Nanocontainer-based active coatings for maritime applications


NANOMAR project aims at establishing long-lasting scientific collaboration network between European research institutions and scientists from two BRIC countries, namely Brasil and Russian Federation. The collaboration will be established on the basis of synergistic combination of the complementary expertises targeting in development of novel “smart” sustainable materials for offshore applications. The collaborative network joints together groups working on development of new functional nanocontainers, novel protective coatings as well as teams holding recognised expertise on the characterization of the anticorrosion coatings.
The main scientific objective of the proposal is development of a new generation of “smart” bifunctional coatings that combine the self-healing anticorrosion ability with antifouling properties for offshore applications such as oil-mining platforms and windmill farms. The main scientific approach on which this project is based is the controlled release of the active species (corrosion inhibitor and biocide agent, respectively) from nanostructured receptacles (nanocontainers) in damaged zones of the coating. The separated specific activities are already ongoing in the individual involved institutions. Therefore the high financial investments are not requested. The extensive exchange of knowledge and expertise on the mutual benefit basis seems to be the most appropriate tool for implementation of the planned objectives.


Mikhail Zheludkevich


Universidade de Aveiro (UA)





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