WACHEUP - New Concepts For Upgrading Pulp Mill Waste Streams to Values - Added Chemicals


The objective is to upgrade low-value residual products from kraft pulp and cork manufacture into valorised green chemicals, with methods that can be efficiently integrated with the pulp/cork mills. Considerable residual streams become low-value heat at th e mills with no practical use. This is a sub-utilisation of the potential of the chemicals in the residuals. Their broad spectrum of organic compounds could be processed to value-added chemical products, utilising the energy surplus of the wood/cork mills for the manufacture. Expected innovations: - New technologies for valorisation of pulp and cork mill waste without impairing overall energy economy or quality of the primary products. - New value-added products from current low-value energy streams - Va lorisation of polysaccharides in the black liquor through a new method that preserves the structure of the material for valorisation into paper additives, thickeners, food additives, emulsifiers and adsorbents. - Chemical and biotechnical valorisation of bark/cork suberin (a natural polyester) and extractives hitherto undeveloped natural resources into green polymers, composites and specialty chemicals. The whole value-chain is covered: Advanced methods for fractionation and purification of the raw mate rials, biotechnical and chemical valorisation and application potential. The sustainability of the industries is improved through better utilisation of the wood material, and decreased fossil fuel dependency and emissions of CO2 may become possible.


Carlos Pascoal Neto






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