Chemical composition of pitch deposits from an ECF Eucalyptus globulus bleached kraft pulp mill: its relationship with wood extractives and additives in process streams


The chemical composition of two pitch samples from a Portuguese Eucalyptus globulus ECF DEDED bleached kraft pulp technically integrated with a paper mill, was studied and compared with unbleached and bleached kraft pulp, D-0 and E-1 effluent extractives. The composition of the pitch was dependent on the location of its deposition in the mill. One pitch sample, collected from the bleached pulp thickener, was rich in long chain aliphatic acids resulting from the accumulation of pulp extractives. The second sample, from the white water tank of the paper machine, was also composed of long chain aliphatic ketones resulting from decarboxylation of AKD, the sizing agent used in the paper mill. Both samples have an important polymeric fraction of an aliphatic nature in their composition.



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Materials Science


Silvestre, AJD; Pereira, CCL; Neto, CP; Evtuguin, DV; Duarte, AC; Cavaleiro, JAS; Furtado, FP

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