Luminescent solar concentrators based on plastic optical fibers


We present a new approach to fabricate luminescent solar concentrators based on commercial plastic optical fibers coated with an Eu3+-doped organic-inorganic hybrid layer, displaying an optical conversion efficiency up to 7%.



subject category

Engineering; Optics


Correia, SFH; Lima, PP; Carlos, LD; Ferreira, RAS; Andre, PS

our authors


The authors acknowledge the financial support from Fundacao para a Ciencia e Tecnologia (FCT), FEDER, COMPETE through PTDC/CTM/101324/2008 and PEstC/CTM/LA0011/2011. The PhD SFRH/BD/91263/2012 and Postdoctoral SFRH/BPD/34365/2006 grants are also gratefully acknowledged.

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