Transparent conductive graphene textile fibers


Transparent and flexible electrodes are widely used on a variety of substrates such as plastics and glass. Yet, to date, transparent electrodes on a textile substrate have not been explored. The exceptional electrical, mechanical and optical properties of monolayer graphene make it highly attractive as a transparent electrode for applications in wearable electronics. Here, we report the transfer of monolayer graphene, grown by chemical vapor deposition on copper foil, to fibers commonly used by the textile industry. The graphene-coated fibers have a sheet resistance as low as -1 k Omega per square, an equivalent value to the one obtained by the same transfer process onto a Si substrate, with a reduction of only 2.3 per cent in optical transparency while keeping high stability under mechanical stress. With this approach, we successfully achieved the first example of a textile electrode, flexible and truly embedded in a yarn.



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Neves, AIS; Bointon, TH; Melo, LV; Russo, S; de Schrijver, I; Craciun, MF; Alves, H

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This work was supported in part by the Portuguese Science and Technology Foundation (FCT) through funding the Associated Laboratory-Instituto de Nanociencia e Nanotecnologia (IN) and project PTDC/QEQ-SUP/1413/2012, by project Mais Centro-PORC under contract CENTRO-07-ST24-FEDER-002032, and also in part by the Royal Society under International Exchanges Award IE121126. M. F. C. and S. R. also acknowledge financial support from EPSRC (Grant EP/J000396/1, EP/K017160, EP/K010050/1, EP/G036101/1, EP/M002438/1, EP/M001024/1). We are grateful to Professor L. F. Santos for assistance with the Raman Spectra, Dr. E. C. Macoas for guidance with the absorption measurements and valuable discussion of the results, and G. Jones for the optical microscope image of CVD graphene transferred onto a SiO2/Si substrate shown in Supplementary fig. 4.

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