Manganites offer potential interest for solid state magnetic cooling applications because their elements are substantial, they offer modest but usable adiabatic temperature change on application of a magnetic field and the materials are used in similar form for other applications such as solid oxide fuel cells. The most attractive manganite compositions are those that present a first order paramagnetic (PM) to ferromagnetic (FM) transition, because the entropy change and associated adiabatic temperature change are larger. All FM manganites appear to show the existence of spontaneous magnetization up to a temperature T* above the ferromagnetic Curie temperature T-C. Here we examine whether there is any correlation between the degree of static Jahn Teller distortion, the magnitude of the normalized temperature interval [T*-T-C]/T-C, and the magnitude of the magnetocaloric effect (MCE).

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Turcaud, JA; Morrison, K; Pereira, AM; Amaral, JS; Berenov, A; Daoud-Aladine, A; Sandeman, KG; Cohen, LF

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