Local switching in SBN:Ni single crystals with various initial domain states
authors Shikhova, VA; Fedorovyh, VV; Turygin, AP; Gimadeeva, LV; Chezganov, DS; Vlasov, EO; Alikin, DO; Ivleva, LI; Kholkin, AL; Shur, VY
nationality International
author keywords Relaxor ferroelectrics; piezoresponse force microscopy; strontium barium niobate; polarization reversal; local switching; domain structure
abstract We present the results of experimental study of the local switching in single crystals of relaxor ferroelectric Ni-doped strontium barium niobate with various initial domain states using conductive tip of scanning probe microscope. We investigated the domain growth in as-grown domain structure and initial domain states created by: (i) scanning by biased tip, (ii) in-field cooling, and (iii) scanning by electron beam. The dependences of effective domain radius on the voltage and pulse duration were derived. The shape factor, domain wall mobility, and start voltage were revealed. The obtained results can be used for the domain engineering in ferroelectrics.
issn 0015-0193
year published 2018
volume 525
issue 1
beginning page 100
ending page 107
digital object identifier (doi) 10.1080/00150193.2018.1432745
web of science category Materials Science, Multidisciplinary; Physics, Condensed Matter
subject category Materials Science; Physics
unique article identifier WOS:000427943200013
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