Denis Alikin




Crystal Structure and Concentration-Driven Phase Transitions in Lu(1-x)ScxFeO3 (0 <= x <= 1) Prepared by the Sol-Gel Method

Pakalniskis, A; Alikin, DO; Turygin, AP; Zhaludkevich, AL; Silibin, MV; Zhaludkevich, DV; Niaura, G; Zarkov, A; Skaudzius, R; Karpinsky, DV; Kareiva, A
2022, MATERIALS, 15, 3.

Exploring Charged Defects in Ferroelectrics by the Switching Spectroscopy Piezoresponse Force Microscopy

Alikin, D; Abramov, A; Turygin, A; Ievlev, A; Pryakhina, V; Karpinsky, D; Hu, QY; Jin, L; Shur, V; Tselev, A; Kholkin, A
2022, SMALL METHODS, 6, 2.

Morphotropic phase boundary in the BFO-BTO solid solutions: role of synthesis conditions

Abramov, AS; Safina, VA; Alikin, DO; Karpinsky, DV; Zhaludkevich, DV; Pryakhina, VI; Kiselev, EA; Shut, VN; Zhaludkevich, AL; Shur, VY; Kholkin, AL
2022, FERROELECTRICS, 590, 1, 91-98.

Piezoactive dense diphenylalanine thin films via solid-phase crystallization

Romanyuk, K; Slabov, V; Alikin, D; Zelenovskiy, P; Correia, MRP; Keller, K; Ferreira, RAS; Vasilev, S; Kopyl, S; Kholkin, A

Reconstruction of the ferroelectric domain structure morphology in BaTiO3 single crystals using Cerenkov-type second harmonic generation microscopy

Gimadeeva, LV; Alikin, DO; Nebogatikov, MS; Linker, EA; Kholkin, AL; Shur, VY
2022, FERROELECTRICS, 592, 1, 19-25.

Temperature dependent structural, dielectric, Raman, piezoresponse and photoluminescence investigations in sol-gel derived BCZT ceramics

Coondoo, I; Krylov, A; Sharma, DK; Krylova, S; Alikin, D; Kumar, JS; Mirzorakhimov, A; Melnikova, N; Soares, MJ; Kholkin, AL

Temperature-dependent Raman spectroscopy, domain morphology and photoluminescence studies in lead-free BCZT ceramic

Coondoo, I; Panwar, N; Krylova, S; Krylov, A; Alikin, D; Jakka, SK; Turygin, A; Shur, VY; Kholkin, AL
2021, CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL, 47, 2, 2828-2838.
ISBN: 1873-3956

Local Piezoelectric Properties of Doped Biomolecular Crystals

Kholkin, A; Alikin, D; Shur, V; Dishon, S; Ehre, D; Lubomirsky, I
2021, MATERIALS, 14, 17.
ISBN: 1996-1944

A combined theoretical and experimental study of the phase coexistence and morphotropic boundaries in ferroelectric-antiferroelectric-antiferrodistortive multiferroics

Morozovska, AN; Karpinsky, DV; Alikin, DO; Abramov, A; Eliseev, EA; Glinchuk, MD; Yaremkevich, AD; Fesenko, OM; Tsebrienko, TV; Pakalniskis, A; Kareiva, A; Silibin, MV; Sidski, VV; Kalinin, SV; Kholkin, AL
ISBN: 1873-2453

Peculiarities of the Crystal Structure Evolution of BiFeO3-BaTiO3 Ceramics across Structural Phase Transitions

Karpinsky, DV; Silibin, MV; Trukhanov, SV; Trukhanov, AV; Zhaludkevich, AL; Latushka, SI; Zhaludkevich, DV; Khomchenko, VA; Alikin, DO; Abramov, AS; Maniecki, T; Maniukiewicz, W; Wolff, M; Heitmann, V; Kholkin, AL
2020, NANOMATERIALS, 10, 4.
ISBN: 2079-4991

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