Chemical Composition of Lipophilic Bark Extracts from Pinus pinaster and Pinus pinea Cultivated in Portugal


The chemical composition of lipophilic bark extracts from Pinus pinaster and Pinus pinea cultivated in Portugal was evaluated using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. Diterpenic resin acids were found to be the main components of these lipophilic extracts, ranging from 0.96 g kg(-1)dw in P. pinea bark to 2.35 g kg(-1) dw in P. pinaster bark. In particular, dehydroabietic acid (DHAA) is the major constituent of both P. pinea and P. pinaster lipophilic fractions, accounting for 0.45 g kg(-1) dw and 0.95 g kg(-1 )dw, respectively. Interestingly, many oxidized compounds were identified in the studied lipophilic extracts, including DHAA-oxidized derivatives (7-oxo-DHAA, 7 alpha/beta-hydroxy-DHAA, and 15-hydroxy-DHAA, among others) and also terpin (an oxidized monoterpene). These compounds are not naturally occurring compounds, and their formation might occur by the exposure of the bark to light and oxygen from the air, and the action of micro-organisms. Some of these compounds have not been previously reported as lipophilic constituents of the bark of the referred pine species. Other constituents, such as aromatic compounds, fatty acids, fatty alcohols, and sterols, are also present in the studied extracts. These results can represent an opportunity to valorize P. pinaster and P. pinea by-products as a primary source of the bioactive resin acids that are integrated into the current uses of these species.



subject category

Chemistry; Materials Science; Physics


Sousa, JLC; Ramos, PAB; Freire, CSR; Silva, AMS; Silvestre, AJD

our authors


This work was financed by Portugal 2020 through FEDER in the frame of POCI and in the scope of the projects: MultiBiorefinery (POCI-01-0145-FEDER-016403), CICECO-Aveiro Institute of Materials CTM/50011 (POCI-01-0145-FEDER-007679), and QOPNA Research Unit (UID/QUI/00062/2013). It was co-financed by FCT/MCTES.

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