Observation of large electrocaloric properties in lead-free Ba0.98Ca0.02Ti0.98Sn0.02O3 ceramics


Tetragonal lead-free Ba0.98Ca0.02Ti0.98Sn0.02O3 (BCST) compound sintered at 1400 degrees C was investigated for its electrocaloric properties. The large adiabatic temperature variation, Delta T similar to 0.476 K and isothermal entropy change, Delta S similar to 1.90 J/kg. K were obtained at similar to 373 K at an electric field of 20 kV/cm. Further, higher electrocaloric coefficients (Delta T/Delta E similar to 0.238 K.mm/kV and Delta S/Delta E similar to 0.952 J.mm/K.kg.kV) with better refrigeration capacity (RC similar to 152 J/kg) were achieved at the same temperature and electric field. The Delta S/Delta E and RC values for this compound are better than that observed in various other lead-free ferroelectric ceramics. (c) 2019 Author(s).



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Science & Technology - Other Topics; Materials Science; Physics


Ramovatar; Coondoo, I; Kumar, P; Khan, AA; Satapathy, S; Panwar, N

our authors


One of the authors Ramovatar acknowledges the University Grants Commission (UGC), New Delhi, India for providing the Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship (RGNF).

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