Multiferroic properties of barium strontium titanate ceramics doped with gadolinium and iron


The dielectric and magnetic properties of ceramics based on barium titanate and solid solutions of barium strontium titanate doped with iron and gadolinium ions at concentrations below 5 mol.% have been investigated. It is shown that these ceramics exhibit paramagnetic behavior in a wide temperature range from 10 to 300 K and their dielectric and magnetic properties are strongly influenced by the doping.



subject category

Materials Science, Multidisciplinary; Physics, Condensed Matter


Es'kov, AV; Anokhin, AS; Pakhomov, OV; Semenov, AA; Fadeev, E; Dedyk, A; Kholkin, A; Tselev, A; Baranov, IV; Lahderanta, E

our authors


This work is supported by the Russian Science Foundation (grant 18-19-00512).

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