MAMMALS IN PORTUGAL: a data set of terrestrial, volant and marine mammal occurrences in Portugal


Mammals are threatened worldwide, with ca. 26% of all species being included in the IUCN threatened categories. This overall pattern is primarily associated to habitat loss or degradation, and human persecution for terrestrial mammals, and pollution, open net fishing, climate change and prey depletion for marine mammals. Mammals play a key role in maintaining ecosystems functionality and resilience, and therefore information on their distribution is crucial to delineate and support conservation actions. MAMMALS IN PORTUGAL is a publicly available data set compiling unpublished geo-referenced occurrence records of 92 terrestrial, volant, and marine mammals in mainland Portugal and archipelagos of Azores and Madeira that includes 107,852 data entries between 1873 and 2021 (72% of the data occurring in 2000 and 2021). The methods used to collect the data were: live observations/captures (42%), sign surveys (38%), camera trapping (16%), bioacoustics surveys (4%) and radio-tracking and inquiries that represent less than 1% of the records. The data set includes 13 types of records: 1) burrows | soil mounds | tunnel, 2) capture, 3) colony, 4) dead animal | hair | skulls | jaws, 5) genetic confirmation, 6) inquiries, 7) observation of live animal, 8), observation in shelters, 9) photo trapping | video, 10), predators diet | pellets | pine cones/nuts, 11) scat | track | ditch, 12) telemetry and 13) vocalization | echolocation. The spatial uncertainty of most records ranges between 0 and 100 m (76%). Rodentia (n = 34,754) has the highest number of records followed by Chiroptera (n = 18,858), Carnivora (n = 18,594), Lagomorpha (n = 17,679), Cetartiodactyla (n = 11,568) and Eulipotyphla (n = 6400). The data set includes records of species classified by the IUCN as threatened (e.g., Oryctolagus cuniculus (n = 12,407), Monachus monachus (n = 1512), and Lynx pardinus (n = 197)]. We believe that this data set may stimulate the publication of other European countries data sets which would certainly contribute to ecology and conservation-related research, and therefore assisting on the development of more accurate and tailored conservation management strategies for each species. There are no copyright restrictions; please cite this data paper when the data are used in publications


Clara Grilo,Beatriz C. Afonso,Filipe Afonso,Marta Alexandre,Sara Aliácar,Ana Almeida,Ivan Prego Alonso,Francisco Álvares,Paulo Alves,Paulo Célio Alves,Pedro Alves,Anabela Amado,Vitor Amendoeira,Francisco Amorim,Guilherme da Silva Aparício,Ricardo Araújo,Fernando Ascensão,Margarida Augusto,Victor Bandeira,A. Márcia Barbosa,Soraia Barbosa,Sérgio Barbosa,Silvia Barreiro,Paulo Barros,Tânia Barros,Filomena Barros,Mafalda Basto,Joana Bernardino,Sara Bicho,Luis Eduardo Biedma,Marta Borges,Luis Braz,José Carlos Brito,Tiago Brito,João Alexandre Cabral,Javier Calzada,Cláudia Camarinha,Mafalda Carapuço,Paulo Cardoso,Mário Carmo,Carlos Carrapato,Maílis da Silva Carrilho,Diogo Filipe T. C. S. Carvalho,Filipe Carvalho,João Carvalho,Diana Castro,Guilherme Castro,Joana Castro,Luis Roma Castro,Filipe Xavier Catry,Ana M. Cerveira,André Cid,Rafael Clarke,Conceição Conde,José Conde,Jorge Costa,Mafalda Costa,Pedro Costa,Cristina Costa,André Pedro do Couto,João Craveiro,Marta Dias,Sofia Dias,Beatriz Duarte,Virginia Duro,Cláudia Encarnação,Sofia Eufrázio,António Fael,João Salvador Falé,Sandra Faria,Carlos Fernandes,Margarida Fernandes,Gonçalo Ferrão da Costa,Clara Ferreira,Diogo F. Ferreira,Eduardo Ferreira,Joaquim Pedro Ferreira,João Ferreira,Diana Ferreira,Carlos Fonseca,Inês Fontes,Ricardo Fragoso,Claudia Franco,Tamira Freitas,Sofia I. Gabriel,Rory Gibb,Patricia Gil,Carla Patricia Jorge Gomes,Pedro Horta,Pedro Gomes,Verónica Gomes,Filipa Grilo,Américo Guedes,Filipa Guilherme,Iván Gutiérrez,Henry Harper,José M. Herrera,Dário Hipólito,Samuel Infante,José Jesus,Kate E. Jones,Marina I. Laborde,Luís Lamas de Oliveira,Inês Leitão,Rita Lemos,Cátia Lima,Paloma Linck,Hugo Lopes,Susana Lopes,Adrià López-Baucells,Armando Loureiro,Filipa Loureiro,Rui Lourenço,Sofia Lourenço,Paula Lucas,Ana Magalhães,Cristina Maldonado,Fabio Marcolin,Sara Marques,J. Tiago Marques,Carina Marques,Paulo Marques,Pedro Caetano Marrecas,Frederico Martins,Raquel Martins,Miguel Mascarenhas,Vanessa A. Mata,Ana Rita Mateus,Milene Matos,Denis Medinas,Tiago Mendes,Gabriel Mendes,Frederico Mestre,Catarina Milhinhas,António Mira,Rita I. Monarca,Norberto Monteiro,Barbara Monteiro,Pedro Monterroso,Mónia Nakamura,Nuno Negrões,Eva K. Nóbrega,Miguel Nóvoa,Manuel Nunes,Nuno Jardim Nunes,Flávio Oliveira,José Miguel Oliveira,Jorge M. Palmeirim,João Pargana,Anabela Paula,Joana Paupério,Nuno M. Pedroso,Guilherme Pereira,Pedro F. Pereira,José Pereira,Maria João Ramos Pereira,Francisco Petrucci-Fonseca,Miguel Pimenta,Sara Pinto,Nuno Pinto,Rosa Pires,Ricardo Pita,Carlos Pontes,Marisa Quaresma,João Queirós,Luís Queirós,Ana Rainho,Maria da Graça Ramalhinho,Patrícia Ramalho,Helena Raposeira,Francisco Rasteiro,Hugo Rebelo,Frederico Tátá Regala,Dyana Reto,Sérgio Bruno Ribeiro,Helena Rio-Maior,Ricardo Rocha,Rita Gomes Rocha,Luísa Rodrigues,Jacinto Román,Sara Roque,Luís Miguel Rosalino,Inês T. do Rosário,Mariana Rossa,Danilo Russo,Pedro Sá,Helena Sabino-Marques,Vânia Salgueiro,Helena Santos,Joana Santos,João P. V. Santos,Nuno Santos,Sara Santos,Carlos Pedro Santos,Margarida Santos-Reis,Ana Serronha,Pablo Sierra,Bruno Silva,Carla S. G. M. Silva,Clara Silva,Diogo Silva,Luís P. da Silva,Ricardo Silva,Carmen Silva,Flavio Manoel Rodrigues da Silva Júnior,Pedro Sousa,Diana Sousa-Guedes,Giulia Spadoni,Joaquim T. Tapisso,Daniela Teixeira,Sérgio Teixeira,Nuno Teixeira,Rita T. Torres,Paulo Travassos,Hélia Vale-Gonçalves,Nuno Cidraes-Vieira,Sophie von Merten,Maria da Luz Mathias

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