Effect of heat treatment on the microstructure of fly ash derived glass ceramics
authors Ferro, MC; Fernandes, MHV; Monteiro, RCC
nationality International
abstract Mixtures of fly ash, calcite and soda ash were prepared by keeping the amount of fly ash at 80 wt% and adding the other raw materials in order to obtain Na2O/CaO ratios of 1/3, one and three. On melting all mixtures led to black glassy materials. Several heat treatments were performed on these glasses at temperatures suggested by DTA. The crystalline phases precipitated during the heat treatments were identified by XRD on powdered samples and the microstructures of the obtained glass ceramics were observed by SEM. The formulations tended to precipitate pyroxene solid solutions and aluminium silicates of calcium and/or sodium, during the heat treatments. The glass ceramics mainly contained fine crystals. However some of the materials obtained from glasses with Na2O/CaO ratios of 1/3 and three had non-uniform microstructures. It is generally concluded that the microstructure of these crystallised glasses is critically dependent on both composition and heat treatment.
issn 0017-1050
year published 2005
volume 46
issue 2
beginning page 151
ending page 154
web of science category Materials Science, Ceramics
subject category Materials Science
unique article identifier WOS:000230677100026
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