High Resolution and Differential PIXE combined with RBS, EBS and AFM analysis of magnesium titanate (MgTiO3) multilayer structures


Thorough structural characterization of deep laying thin film, including the inference of interdiffusion profiles is frequently a complex problem. The use of RBS/PIXE holistic approaches, already shown to represent a powerful method, sometimes faces difficulties if standard experimental procedures are used. In this work, following a series of He-4 Rutherford backscattering and H-1 elastic backscattering experiments, carried out to study the influence of SrTiO3 as a possible cladding layer between Pt/TiO2/SiO2/(100)Si substrates and MgTiO3 films, a simple holistic RBS-PIXE is shown to be not enough for the solution of such a problem. Establishing of the Sr depth profile, was only possible after AFM, High-Resolution EDS PIXE and differential PIXE analysis were carried out. Results, problems faced and conclusions obtained are presented. (C) 2010 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.



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Instruments & Instrumentation; Nuclear Science & Technology; Physics


Reis, MA; Alves, LC; Barradas, NP; Chaves, PC; Nunes, B; Taborda, A; Surendran, KP; Wu, A; Vilarinho, PM; Alves, E

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