Effect of different oxide additives on colloidal processing and sintering of alumina


The influence of sintering additives on colloidal processing of alumina, such as rheological behaviour, packing ability, and on sintering behaviour at different temperatures, was investigated. Flow measurements of suspensions with different solids loadings (50, 55 and 60-vol.%) in the presence of the sintering additives revealed that even the most concentrated one is still fluid enough for pouring operations. Comparing the alumina suspensions without and with sintering additives, the last ones present lower viscosity values and, consequently a much better packing ability. Green densities around 65% of the theoretical density were obtained. After sintering at different temperatures, 1250, 1350 and 1450degreesC, high densification up to 95% of the theoretical density was attained at a temperature as low as 1350degreesC, while almost full dense microstructures were obtained on sintering at 1450degreesC.



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Materials Science


Olhero, SM; Ferreira, JMF

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