Strategies for re-vascularization and promotion of angiogenesis in trauma and disease
authors Goncalves, RC; Banfi, A; Oliveira, MB; Mano, JF
nationality International
author keywords Vascular graft; Microvasculature; Biomaterials; Vasculogenesis; Angiogenesis
abstract The maintenance of a healthy vascular system is essential to ensure the proper function of all organs of the human body. While macrovessels have the main role of blood transportation from the heart to all tissues, microvessels, in particular capillaries, are responsible for maintaining tissues' functionality by providing oxygen, nutrients and waste exchanges. Occlusion of blood vessels due to atherosclerotic plaque accumulation remains the leading cause of mortality across the world. Autologous vein and artery grafts bypassing are the current gold standard surgical procedures to substitute primarily obstructed vascular structures. Ischemic scenarios that condition blood supply in downstream tissues may arise from blockage phenomena, as well as from other disease or events leading to trauma. The (i) great demand for new vascular substitutes, arising from both the limited availability of healthy autologous vessels, as well as the shortcomings associated with small-diameter synthetic vascular grafts, and (ii) the challenging induction of the formation of adequate and stable microvasculature are current driving forces for the growing interest in the development of bioinspired strategies to ensure the proper function of vasculature in all its dimensional scales. Here, a critical review of well-established technologies and recent biotechnological advances to substitute or regenerate the vascular system is provided.
issn 0142-9612
isbn 1878-5905
year published 2021
volume 269
digital object identifier (doi) 10.1016/j.biomaterials.2020.120628
web of science category 26
subject category Engineering, Biomedical; Materials Science, Biomaterials
unique article identifier WOS:000617783300001
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