An Intracellular Metabolic Signature as a Potential Donor-Independent Marker of the Osteogenic Differentiation of Adipose Tissue Mesenchymal Stem Cells


This paper describes an untargeted NMR metabolomics study to identify potential intracellular donor-dependent and donor-independent metabolic markers of proliferation and osteogenic differentiation of human adipose mesenchymal stem cells (hAMSCs). The hAMSCs of two donors with distinct proliferating/osteogenic characteristics were fully characterized regarding their polar endometabolome during proliferation and osteogenesis. An 18-metabolites signature (including changes in alanine, aspartate, proline, tyrosine, ATP, and ADP, among others) was suggested to be potentially descriptive of cell proliferation, independently of the donor. In addition, a set of 11 metabolites was proposed to compose a possible donor-independent signature of osteogenesis, mostly involving changes in taurine, glutathione, methylguanidine, adenosine, inosine, uridine, and creatine/phosphocreatine, choline/phosphocholine and ethanolamine/phosphocholine ratios. The proposed signatures were validated for a third donor, although they require further validation in a larger donor cohort. We believe that this proof of concept paves the way to exploit metabolic markers to monitor (and potentially predict) cell proliferation and the osteogenic ability of different donors.




Cell Biology


Bispo, DSC; Jesus, CSH; Romek, K; Marques, IMC; Oliveira, MB; Mano, JF; Gil, AM

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