Thermodynamic properties of perfluoro-n-octane


Fluorocarbons are attracting much attention nowadays because of their unique properties, which may provide interesting applications in areas as wide as environmental, biomedical and material science. However, the behavior of these compounds is not well understood and only scattered data can be found in the open literature and company technical reports. In this work, three important properties of perfluoro-n-octane were experimentally determined: the liquid density, the vapor pressure and the oxygen solubility. Liquid density was measured, in the temperature range between 288 and 313 K with a vibrating tube densimeter and vapor pressure was measured with an apparatus based on the static method up to 333 K. The solubility of oxygen in perfluoro-n-octane, in the temperature range between 288 and 313 K and at pressures close to atmospheric, was determined experimentally with a precision apparatus based on the saturation method at constant pressure. Experimental solubility data, density and vapor pressure were correlated with the soft-SAFT EoS. (c) 2004 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.




Thermodynamics; Chemistry; Engineering


Dias, AMA; Caco, AI; Coutinho, JAP; Santos, LMNBF; Pineiro, MM; Vega, LF; Gomes, MFC; Marrucho, IM

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